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Miley Cyrus might no longer be your innocent Disney darling but she proved to the world that there’s more to her than her Hannah Montana acting stints. Often the constant source of controversies, the Wrecking Ball superstar knows how to bring her A-game on the stage with bizarre gimmicks. Just recently, Miley was seen enjoying some quality time at the beach with no bra to cover her boobies. Take a look at these photos and let Miley’s humble and firm titties blow your mind away.

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Becca Tobin is popularly known for her portrayal of Kitty Wilde in the hit Fox television series Glee. Aside from this, Becca also appeared in several theatre shows such as Cats, Chicago, West Side Story, High School Musical and Annie to name a few. A true blue blonde bombshell, it is no wonder that Becca remains to be an erotic fantasy for many.  Just last year, Becca has been victimized of photo hacking. Her nude photos found their way into the world wide web. Well, we are thankful that these photos came to the surface for Becca’s body is all what we need for. Check out her well-shaved pussy and her tender titties as she posed beside the Christmas tree. Now won’t you be sending your wishes to Santa in advance?

Melissa Benoist’s scandalous sex photos


Melissa Benoist is famous for her role as Marley Rose in the hit musical television series Glee. Aside from this, Melissa also had several appearances in other tv series such as Law & Order, Homeland and The Good Wife. With girly innocent looks and lovely smile, Melissa is a definite turn on to men. However, most will be turned on with these leaked black and white photos of Melissa as she’s having private steamy sex sessions with her boyfriend.   Looks like Melissa is not your ordinary plain Jane when it comes to the bed scene as these photos prove otherwise. Way to go Melissa! You certainly proved to the world that you are a wild cat and a wild catch to men.

Evanna Lynch’s not-so innocent nude photos


Evanna Lynch rose to fame for her role as Luna Lovegood in the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and appeared in four of its movie franchise. A 23-year old Irish actress, Evanna looks every bit of a sweetheart with her cute and innocent looks. However one should not be deceived by her virginal appearance as she is a natural hottie in bed. Take a look at these leaked nude photos of Evanna and notice how naughty she could be. Her firm adolescent boobies, clean crotch and adorable bum are a total win for us. Don’t you just agree?

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Heather Morris who played the role of Brittany Pierce, a cheerleader in the acclaimed musical comedy-drama tv series Glee is smokingly hot in her leaked nude photos that sent the world wide web into shock and limbo. Heather’s sexy nude phone pics were never intended for public consumption but still we are glad that they are already here. Take a look at how hot Heather is with her firm breasts, bouncy butt and her clean and shaved pussy. We didn’t know that Heather could have such an effect on men especially when she’s barenaked.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s titties

Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress who has been widely acclaimed for her role in the movie Shakespeare in Love wherein she won a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for Best Actress. Since then she appeared in several Hollywood films such as Sylvia, View From the Top, and Infamous. She is also known as Pepper Potts, the love interest of Tony Spark in Ironman, Ironman 2 and Ironman 3. Gwyneth has a to-die-for figure and so she uses it to good use in several of her films. Take a look at these photos wherein she showed some titties in the movie Shakespeare in Love.

Scarlett Johansson’s First Full Frontal movie

Everybody’s been lusting over Scarlett Johansson’s hourglass figure and why not? This blonde bombshell beauty proved to the world that her perfect-hugging curves could catapult her as a sex siren. She recently plays the role of Black Window in Marvel’s The Avengers. Despite being referred to as a sex symbol, Scarlett stayed humble by not showing too much of her skin in her movies but lately the wind has changed as she did her first full frontal in the 2014 film “Under the Skin.” Now is the time to enjoy her glorious nakedness. Zoom in and bask in her sexiness.